Come together


 Bare bricks shine red

Across the dusty floors

A balanced purpose

To ignite the attraction

Binding knotted threads

Of anticipation

As the electric warning

Strobes out and around

A base cord sounds encouragingly

The drum roll confirms the beat

Lead rift plays invitingly

Voices come together loudly

We are again in tune

Together we are one again


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Tomorrow never comes


Its yesterday’s tomorrow

As today comes round again

We’ve time on our hands in the sun

Preparing for when they come at night

Falling from the clouds above

Bursting from the ground up

Filling all around

Forcing all their might

Until next morning

When the lights go out

As today comes round again

Its yesterday’s tomorrow




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Tracking the break up

Heart beating with a heavy hammer

Bounding in the dawn light

Flooding across the empty room

Hoping against false hope

To see the end and touch the moon

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The fire in my eyes can’t touch

The arch of my back

As the stride of my step

Releases the inner mystery

In secret lies of nothing

We can escape from


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The rain came


Today the rain came

Dirlling down the drains

Lashing against my head

Beating at my mind

As it drenched my eyes

It filled them with dread

That the flood will not cease

I cover up and hide in the trees

Where the wolves are

With snaring teeth showing

Backing off, they howl

I face them as I go

If they see my back

They will tear me apart

I clear my eyes

I look up at the rain

Dirlling down and down

Lashing against my head

Waiting and wondering

For the sun to shine



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Resting, weary to my bones

I searched the road we’re travelling

So far from home and kindness

Looking back down the rocky path

Many times confused by mist

My shattered body took up the pack

Soldiering on onto the scree

After another mile

Resting, weary to my bones

I searched the rocky path we’re travelling

In the mist torches shone

I made a move and we were gone


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Your stretching words

Rang round a sugar coated loop

In the tightrope tension

Of the long drive back

Did you?

Will I?

In the attic?

Under the stairs?

When she is found

You will know

I will be with you, once again

Testing words will not save you, then




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